Gator Inspection

SERVICE-SPECIALGator Utility Vehicle Service & 14 Point Inspection

Change engine oil and filter

Check coolant and radiator cap

Replace air filters - inspect fuel system

Inspect suspension bushing for play

Inspect wheel bearings for play

Inspect timing belt

Inspect timing belt idler/bearing

Inspect alternator belt

Check 4WD front differential oil level

Check transaxle oil level

Inspect driveline CV boots for tears and punctures

Inspect park brake for proper function

Check brake fluid level

Grease cargo box tailgate strikers


(In Shop Only - Free pickup and delivery within 25 miles, 50% OFF pickup and deliver over 25 miles of servicing location)


We will inspect your Gator and advise you of any additional repairs that may be needed other than maintenance

120 Day No Payment No Interest, $250 minimum purchase

Some Restrictions Apply - Expires 12/20/19

**Program options are available for agricultural and commercial preferred Multi-Use Account holders only**