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5 Series Tractors for Sale | Mississippi Ag & Arkansas Ag

Sep 26, 2018, 11:34 AM

If you’re in the market for a Utility Tractor that you can count on to tackle your biggest tasks, come on down to AgUp country. With 15 locations throughout Arkansas and Mississippi, AgUp is committed to providing you with the best equipment for the job. We carry only the best John Deere tractors, including the heavy-duty 5 Series. No matter which model you choose, premium quality and service is always guaranteed. Each 5 Series tractor is specifically designed to withstand demanding applications and meet the specific needs of you and your property.

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With more than 200 capable implements for everything from loading to grading, John Deere 5 Series tractors help you knock out more work than ever before. If you have a problem, the John Deere 5 Series has a solution. Within the 5 Family, you can choose from three different series: the dependable 5E, the powerful 5M, and the premium 5R Series. No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on finding a 5 Family tractor that’s right for your property and preferences.

5E Series

john deere 5 series tractor

With the John Deere 5E Series tractors, you get more for less. These tractors are great for producers, professional landscapers and property owners who need a little more tractor, but don’t require all the bells and whistles. The 5E tractors are available in 3- or 4-cylinder models, so you can always get exactly what you need. The new models provide better fuel efficiency and improved comfort, along with all the basic features you need to take on those heavy-duty tasks. You can choose from 7 different models of the 5E: the 5045E (50 hp), the 5055E (59 hp), the 5065E (67 hp), the 5075E (73 hp), the 5085E (85 hp), the 5090E (90 hp), and the 5100E (100 hp).

5M Series

5 series tractor

When you need to tackle even heavier tasks, you can count on the John Deere 5M Series. With up to 115 horsepower, these machines are always up for a challenge. The 5M Series tractors are perfect for anyone who prefers the size and maneuverability of the 5 Family, but needs features you’d normally find on larger tractors. You get many of the benefits of a large ag machine without the added size and hassle. You can go more places and do more work. Under the 5M umbrella, there are 5 models to choose from: 5075M (73.8 hp), 5085M (85 hp), 5090M (89.2 hp), 5100M (100 hp), and 5115M (115 hp).

5R Series

5R series tractor

If you’re looking to upgrade, it doesn’t get much better than the premium John Deere 5R Series. These tractors take advancements from the large row crop tractors and introduce them to the utility tractor class. The 5R Series offers everything that the 5E and 5M do, plus just about everything else you could possibly need. If the 5M tractor still just isn’t enough for you, power up even more with a 5R. You can choose from four different variations: the 5090R (90 hp), 5100R (100 hp), 5115R (106.2 hp), and 5125R (112 hp). Every 5R model offers all-premium everything—premium performance, premium comfort, premium convenience—and at Mississippi & Arkansas Ag, you’ll get premium service too.

If you’re interested in learning more about our John Deere 5 Series tractors, stop by one of our 15 AgUp locations to talk with our experts about which model might be right for you. We’d love to make you part of the AgUp family!

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