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Jun 4, 2018, 12:56 PM
Nothing calls you to go play or work in the great outdoors or on the jobsite quite like a Gator. Based off the John Deere AMT design, the first generation of Gators was released in 1992 and the world has been better for it since. The Gator CX, TS, and TH soon followed and were dubbed the ‘Traditional’ Gator line. Fast forward 12 years, and the HPX is born for those who need a little more heavy duty work on the job. Three years later, the XUV is introduced to create the perfect marriage between work and play aptly labeled the ‘Crossover’ line. Other than the M line created specifically for military use, John Deere’s focus has shifted into the ‘High-Performance’ line indicated in the 60 MPH speed and 62 HP capability. Whether for work, play, or a little bit of both, there’s a John Deere Gator in Hattiesburg waiting for you at Mississippi Ag.


Gator Hattiesburg

Besides the power and performance that comes with any Gator experience, the HPX815E comes with peace-of-mind safety features like the three-point seat belts, easy entry/exit platforms, hip restraints, and multiple grab handles. Combine that with multiple easy-to-access storage compartments, comfortable seating, 1000 lb cargo capacity, and a large fuel tank to spend less time on fill-ups and more time getting the job done, and you’ve got yourself a Gator you can’t pass up.

XUV590M S4

Gators in MS

For when you finally build up those vacation days to take your buds hunting, fishing, or just plain ole outdoor fun, there’s a Gator for that. Introducing the XUV590M S4, a 4-seater designed to haul everyone and their fresh caught dinner out to the campsite even in the dead of winter with its new design for cold-weather starting (-20F). With a top speed of 48 MPH and 32 HP capability, Deere was still able to keep this beast at a low fuel consumption keeping it environmentally conscious and EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant.


Gators in Hattiesburg

Always striving for perfection, John Deere created the RSX860E. Don’t be fooled by the 60 MPH top speed. While you’re going fast, you’re still riding smooth with the newly designed isolated engine mount allowing for less vibration and noise. Safety and durability protocols are locked into place with the solid anti-roll bar with fully rubber isolated connecting links and pivots, high-strength cast-iron knuckle and upper A-arm for support, CV shaft protection, and anti-dive front suspension.

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