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John Deere in Canton, MS | Mississippi Ag & Arkansas Ag

Apr 13, 2018, 16:12 PM

If you’re in Canton, Mississippi and you're in the market for new or used tractors, combines, cotton pickers, sprayers, implements, or other equipment, Mississippi Ag can help. John Deere is the brand you can trust, and Mississippi Ag is the best place to find the highest-quality equipment to help you get the job done right, whether you deal in cotton, corn, or you just like to keep your lawn looking fresh. Our number one priority is to serve and satisfy our customers by offering quality products and services at low, competitive costs.

Here in Canton, we see a lot of farmers looking for equipment to help out with their cotton, soybean or corn productions. Keep reading to learn a bit about some of the machines that are perfectly designed for living and working in Canton.

Planting Equipment

The John Deere 1735 Planter is offered in 11-, 12-, 13- and 15-row configurations, and row spacing options include 15, 18, 19, 20 and 22 inches. So no matter where or how much you’re planting, the 1735 will work hard to bring your soybean crop to life. The 1735 is available in a 1.6-bu or 3-bu MaxEmerge 5 row unit, and the MaxEmerge family of row-units have never seen a more versatile or efficient design. The 5-family row-units improve productivity, increase uptime and lower the cost of ownership like never before. So not only is it easier to start planting, but it’s less expensive and more productive, too. Other helpful features of the JD 1735 Planter include a seed variable-rate drive, vacuum system, SeedStar 2 monitoring system, and pneumatic downforce system.

If you’re looking for a row crop tractor in Canton, the John Deere 7230R is an excellent choice. With 230 horsepower and outstanding fluid economy, you don’t have to decide between power and efficiency. You get both. Plus, you get the comfort of a smooth, quiet ride with unrivaled visibility and convenience. This tractor offers amenities like you’ve never experienced in a tractor before, including Triple-Link Suspension Plus, the 7R cooling system, and lighting packages with 360 degrees of coverage. When it’s time to get to work, you can trust the John Deere 7230R to give you maximum productivity while taking care of the hardest parts while you’re along for the ride.

Mowing Equipment

A mower by any other name than John Deere is no mower at all. Cut in comfort and get the job done quickly with adjustable seating and 9-mph ground speed in the Z540R. Experience force and convenience with 24 horsepower and an easy electronic fast start system. Cast-iron cylinder liners, overhead valves, full-pressure lubrication, dual-stage air cleaners and replaceable oil filters make for a longer engine life.

Harvesting Equipment

CP690 Cotton Picker

If you’re in the business of Canton cotton, take a look at this John Deere CP690 Cotton Picker. This powerful harvesting system puts out 590 horsepower, and it packs enough punch to harvest in even the most demanding conditions. The CP690’s moisture sensor provides on-the-go, real-time moisture measurement, so you know you can always ensure the highest fiber quality. And if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe the 360 degrees of round module protection is.

Of course, we can’t forget about the abundance of Canton corn! If you’re a corn farmer in Canton, we understand that come harvest time, you won’t have time for much else. But with a machine like the John Deere 716C Corn Head, you can make your job in the corn field a lot easier. This machine offers intermeshing stalk roll options for premium stalk processing, the convenience of hands-free corn harvest with AutoTrac RowSense, hydraulically adjustable deck plates, easy stalk chopping with the StalkMaster row-unit, and a whole lot more. The 716C has gathering chains that are designed for increased life, and 700C Series dual auger strippers that will significantly reduce the amount of auger wrapping. In short, it’s the perfect Canton corn machine.

Here at Mississippi Ag, we have a variety of high-quality equipment and a dedicated team of Deere certified technicians. No matter your task, we have everything you need to get the job done right in Canton.


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