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How to Select the Right John Deere Tractor For You | Mississippi Ag & Arkansas Ag

Apr 4, 2018, 14:16 PM

John Deere equipment is known for its use of technology and innovation in the farming and construction industry, and there’s never been a more exciting time than now to release a new series of equipment. The 3 Series offers some of the best cutting-edge technology around. But with more options comes harder decisions. How do you know which tractor is right for you? Should you go with the 1025E or the 1025R? Which of the new 3 Series would get the job done?

Mississippi Ag and John Deere have some quick homework questions to help you to determine exactly that.

  1. Do you require a cab that is climate-controlled or do you prefer an open operator station?

  2. Do you prefer a manual or automatic transmission?

  3. What loader lift height do you need?

  4. How much weight will you need to lift?

  5. What type of material do you cut/mow? Manicured lawn, tall grass, or both?

  6. What mower deck size do you prefer?

  7. How big does you need your rotary cutter to be?

  8. Do you have a baling preference? Round or square bales? How large?

  9. Will you need to store your tractor in a traditional-size garage?

Follow the link below to answer these questions. The quiz will provide you with a variety of answers to check off, or you can opt to skip questions that are not applicable. A few recommendations will be provided based on your answers, narrowing down the options and making your decision that much easier.

Take the Quiz Here.

Rest assured, whatever the tractor your chores require, Mississippi Ag can get you back to work quickly and with the right piece of equipment to successfully get the job done.
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