Lewis Brothers Housekeeper FAQs

Jan 23, 2018, 09:54 AM

What is the Lewis Brothers Housekeeper?

The Lewis Brothers Housekeeper is one of the most popular pieces of poultry equipment that we sell at Mississippi Ag and can make cleaning out a house a breeze. One-man operated, it’s a simple, cost-effective solution to litter management.

How does the Lewis Brothers Housekeeper work?

The Housekeeper first removes feathers and caked or wet litter. The remaining litter is quickly aerated to reduce ammonia fumes and drying time. Litter removed from the house can either be stockpiled or spread while new litter can be loaded and distributed inside the house.

What features does the Lewis Brother Housekeeper have?

The patented Lewis Litter Blade gets in those hard to reach areas, allowing for a more thorough cleanout process. The Housekeeper is also equipped with a standard handgun, making the wash down process simpler.

Will the Housekeeper fit in my chicken coop?

Yes. There are a variety of Housekeeper models, some with lower profiles to accommodate houses with lower ceiling heights.

Can I test drive it before I buy it?

Absolutely! Come by any of our locations and try it for yourself.

Does the Housekeeper pair with John Deere equipment?

Yes. The Lewis Brother Housekeeper pairs with the John Deere 5085E. The 5085E has a lift capacity of up to 3,200 pounds, so moving heavy items around your property is done with ease. It also runs much cooler than its competitors, which means you can be more efficient with less downtime.

Is Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag offering any poultry specials?

Right now, Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag is offering a poultry special, where you can get the 5085E with a 520M Loader for $45,995.00 with 0% financing for 60 months.

Where can I buy a Lewis Brothers Housekeeper?

The Lewis Brothers Housekeeper and the John Deere 5085E are for sale in Mississippi and Arkansas at all 15 AgUp locations.

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