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Run Cool with the 5085E from Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag

Oct 25, 2017, 15:55 PM

Don’t wing it when it comes to keeping your poultry houses clean! Instead, rely on the John Deere 5085E to make cleaning houses and other tasks a breeze.

The 5085E from John Deere is perfect for powering through tough spots. A mechanical front-wheel drive gives you control and improves your traction when working in slippery conditions. The 5085E also has a lift capacity of up to 3,200 pounds, so moving heavy items around your property is done with ease.

But don’t worry — the 5085E doesn’t skimp on comfort. The operator’s station is designed for the operator that has lots of tasks to do and doesn’t want to be fatigued when they are finished.  

It also runs much cooler than its competitors, which means you can be more efficient with less downtime.

The John Deere 5085E is designed to get your work done under pressure. That means you and your chickens can always depend on it!

Stop by one of our 15 AgUp locations today for a test drive, or give us a call to see how you can get one of these great tractors on your farm! We’d love to make you a part of the Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag customer family.
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