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John Deere 3E Series

Apr 19, 2017, 10:22 AM

All landowners can benefit from tractor ownership — no matter the acreage. In fact, there are tons of reasons for landowners everywhere to own and operate their very own machines, the key is to choose the right one! Luckily, John Deere has made it easy with their perfect, all purpose, powerful 3E Series – the only American tractor company. The 3E Series is designed to be comfortable for all – from first-time to seasoned operators, this Series makes it easy for everyone to operate.

The 3025E is a standard compact utility tractor, with the “anything-but-standard” John Deere build. The 3025E boasts the tightest turning radius of any tractor in its horsepower class, standard high-capacity hydraulics and an impressive 25 horsepower engine. For a limited amount of time, this piece of equipment can be yours for only $129 a month! 

The 3032E and 3038E models offer even more power and functionality, with all of the same features of a smaller utility tractor. New folding rollover protection structure technology means storage in low clearance sheds and garages is no longer a problem, and a horizontal exhaust means even better visibility. The category 1, 3-point hitch provides versatility and functionality for all kinds of projects and attachments.

With a 3E series John Deere tractor, there’s no job beyond your reach. Take your projects to the next level and cut your chores down to size. At $129 a month, there’s no more reason to believe a quality piece of equipment is out of your reach! Come visit us today at Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag to test drive one for yourself, or call us at (662) 314-9078 for more information.

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