Equipment Optimization


The most important step with new technology is making sure it is calibrated to be as accurate and reliable as possible before taking it to the field. AG InSight provides the services that get you up and running, ensures your equipment is functioning as designed and allows you to get the most out of your crop. We work with all types and brands of equipment to make sure that you see the return on your technology investment.

Tractor Package    

  • Install AMS equipment
  • Order and install required activations
  • Calibrate and Test function
  • Operating instruction with 1 trip to field

Sprayer Package     

  • Install AMS equipment
  • Order and install required activations
  • Calibrate and test function
  • Set up section control (if purchased)
  • Operating instruction with 1 trip to field

Planter Ready Package     

  • Insure proper planter hook up
  • Install AMS equipment
  • Calibrate planter and AMS components
  • In field test and operation, 1 trip to field

Non-Precision Grain Drill Package       

  • Set up of Population/Blockage monitor
  • Ensure proper operation
  • For all Non-Seedstar drills
  • Includes all Great Plains Air and Fluted drills and Great Plains 825 and 1225 planters
  • Excludes 1890 & 1990 CCS drills, and Great Plains 3P-YP

 Combine Package   

  • Install AMS equipment
  • Calibrate AMS equipment
  • Operational check of yield and moisture systems
  • Documentation set up
  • Operational  instruction
  • (does not include yield calibration)
  • Includes 1 trip to field

Cotton Picker Package     

  • Install AMS equipment
  • Calibrate AMS equipment
  • Documentation set up
  • Operational  instruction
  • Includes 1 trip to field

AG Insight Service Packages

aginsight services

Maximize the potential of your land, time and investment with our extensive Boundaries and Data Management packages. By defining field boundaries you are creating an accurate map of your land that gives you an accurate acreage measure. Knowing the exact acreage of each field will help you purchase crop inputs in exact amounts without wasting time or money. Recorded historical field data is one of the most important tools in knowing how to manage your farm today. From crop rotation and disease management to nutrients, it’s largely based on past performance and actions. With boundaries identified, you will take more accurate measurements and create a database of the information that will allow better decision making. This is a time-consuming and detail-oriented practice, but we make it easy. With our data management packages, we can do everything from collecting data, storing it and helping you use it the following year to produce a more profitable crop.

Combine Calibration Package - $400.00

  • Yield and Moisture Calibration
  • Weigh Cart Provided
  • For 1 Combine, 1 Crop, 1 Trip to Field

Boundary Package     

  • Up To 2500 Acres - $2.00 per acre
  • 2501-5000 Acres - $1.75 per acre
  • 5000+ Acres - $1.50 per acre
  • Boundary Recording of All Fields
  • Boundaries Loaded on Customer's Data Base/Devices (Displays, Apex,

1 Grade/TerraCutta Package - $2,000.00

  • Install AMS Equipment
  • Instruct Customer on Operation in Field
  • Instruct Customer on TerraCutta software (if purchased)
  • Up to 3 Trips to Field

AG Insight Call Center Support Package - $1200.00 per Farm

  • Unlimited Phone Support During Normal Weekday Business Hours
  • Nights and Weekends Covered During Peak Season Periods
  • Remote Display Access, Wireless Data Transfer, APEX, JDLink Phone Support
  • 2 Software Updates Per Year To Receivers and Displays
  • If a Call Requires a Physical Service Call, Normal Hourly Service Charges with Vehicle Mileage WILL APPLY

AG Insight On-Farm Support Package - $1,000 per Farm     

  • Companion Package to Remote Support Call Center Package
  • Unlimited on Farm Site Support for Data Management

AG Insight Call Center Repair Rate - $75.00 per Call     

  • ONLY for Customers Without the AG Insight Support Package
  • If During the Call an ACTUAL REPAIR Is Made Through the Use of Remote Display Access
  • If Phone Call Requires a Physical Service Call, No Fee Will Be Charged for the Phone Call.  Normal Field Service Charges Apply.

Precision King - Water, Data, & Agronomic Management


Our devices provide everything you need to monitor the health of your farm straight from your computer, phone, or tablet. 


The DecisionKing is placed in a field, in which it makes hourly uploads that report soil moisture levels.


The PumpKing allows a grower to remotely monitor his pump and give it remote commands.


The PivotKing is a remote sensing device that is installed on the end tower of a pivot.


The PrecisionKing Weather Collector allows a grower to set up a dedicated weather station on his farm.


The RiceKing allows a grower to monitor rice water levels in real time, remotely.

Water Management


Managing the water on your farm is crucial to the success of your crops. With the technology of John Deere’s Field Connect™ system, you will have the ability to monitor your field’s moisture levels on a daily basis from your office or in the field, ensuring the proper use of water. A balance of soil moisture levels is important to effectively absorb fertilizers and pesticides, promote higher yields and improve crop quality.

Land Forming


Create the ideal landscape for your crops with our TerraCutta program which makes water management easy. After a survey of your land, use our TerraCutta software on your desktop computer to design the grade specifications of each field. Once the desired design is created in the TerraCutta program you may upload to the iGrade system and form your field according to your own design.

TerraCutta Field Survey Package

AG InSight Consultants will survey your fields for land forming or water management and provide you with cutsheets of the results. The AG InSight Consultant will also consult on field design and water flow which you will be able to design with the iGrade/TerraCutta Package.

iGrade/TerraCutta Package

Take your TerraCutta Field Surveys and implement them. This package includes installation of AMS components on your equipment and TerraCutta software on your desktop computer. This package also includes instructions from an AG InSight Consultant on the proper operation of iGrade and TerraCutta systems at your computer and in the field, with up to three trips to the field, as well as one year of phone support.

Cotton Harvest Identification


Module identification, manual tagging and reconciling modules at the gin are a thing of the past, along with the extra resources needed to conduct these functions. The RFID reader on board the 7760 Cotton Picker reads the RFID serial numbers embedded in the module wrap documenting 11 of the most important data points during module formation to improve traceability of cotton modules as they move from the field to gin lot and through the ginning process. It then sends the information to the Application Controller 1120, which collects the information and simultaneously displays the module count and serial number, and stores the information as a .txt file on the GreenStarTM 3 2630 Display. Once the information is collected it can be easily retrieved via data card or USB drive and sent electronically to the gin.

Operators can continue to harvest with module information continuously stored on the display. At the gin the system tracks modules back to the field to help understand lint yield and validate varieties of cotton planted – especially important to gins that produce specialty blends.