Machine Control and Guidance



AutoTrac is an assisted automated steering system that automatically steers the machine through the field. AutoTrac is one of the best guidance solutions in the market offering operators a hands-free solution.
John Deere designs machines to easily integrate with AutoTrac, resulting in the most comfortable operating experience in the market. Producers simply plug the display into the provided connection inside the cab and attach the receiver to the roof of the cab.

AutoTrac requires:
  • Integrated Steering Kit, AutoTrac Controller Kit, or AutoTrac Universal
  • Display, options include
    • GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) or 3 (GS3) Display
      • AutoTrac Activation
    • Generation 4 CommandCenter™
      • CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation
  • StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
    • SF1, +/-23 cm (9 in.) for non-row crop applications
    • SF2, +/- 5 cm (2 in.) for row-crop applications
    • RTK, +/- 2.5 cm (1 in.) for applications demanding the highest level of accuracy and repeatability

AutoTrac™ Universal Steering Kit 200

The AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 200 steering kit is a machine steering kit used for automatic guidance in John Deere and non-John Deere machines. Pair the machine kit with a complete GreenStar™ system to operate automatic, hands-free guidance in approved machine platforms. AutoTrac offers many benefits to operators, including optimized machine efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to work at faster speeds. The ATU 200 is the premier universal steering system in the agricultural industry.

John Deere Machine Sync

John Deere Machine Sync includes combine harvest automation, harvest logistics, coverage map sharing, and guidance line sharing functionality. This functionality has revolutionized machine-to-machine communication.
John Deere Machine Sync provides the following features:

Combine harvest automation

Combine harvest automation creates a network between a fleet of tractors and combines allowing automation between the combine and the tractor. This facilitates on-the-go unloading by synchronizing tractor speed and direction of travel with the combine and provides greater ease of operation with improved efficiency, resulting in higher productivity during harvest. Combine harvest automation requires each machine to be equipped with a John Deere Machine Communication Radio (MCR).

Harvest logistics

Productivity gains are credited to tractor/grain cart operator’s ability to be in the right place at the right time with in-field logistics information. The GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 Display shows in-field logistics including grain tank-fill status, direction of travel, and location for each combine and tractor in the networked fleet. Harvest logistics requires each machine to be equipped with a John Deere MCR.

Coverage map sharing

Sharing coverage maps while seeding, spraying, or applying fertilizer allows any John Deere Section Control-enabled machine to trigger section control on/off based on another machine’s coverage. Coverage map sharing, combined with integrated section control, eliminates the opportunity for overlapping or leaving uncovered areas in the field, saving on input costs and increasing yield. When used in a harvest operation, sharing coverage maps allows a machine to better calculate harvested area by using another machine’s coverage to enable overlap control based on the shared coverage. Machines can share coverage using an MCR or MTG 3G solution.

Guidance line sharing

Sharing guidance lines allows an AutoTrac™-enabled machine to share guidance lines with another vehicle. Guidance line sharing functionality is limited to straight tracks only. Machines can share guidance lines using an MCR or MTG 3G solution. Coverage map and guidance line sharing with the MCR solution requires the GS3 15-1 software update (available ~February 2015). Coverage map and guidance line sharing with the MTG 3G solution requires the GS3 15-2 software update (available ~August 2015). Machine Sync coverage maps sharing is limited to coverage map sharing only. Machine Sync does not share as-applied data such as yield maps. Customers wanting to share as-applied data should utilize Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) (link).

Each machine in the network needs:

  • GS3 2630 Display
  • Machine Sync activation for the GS3 Display
  • Section Control activation required to trigger sections on/off
  • Software update 15-1 required for MCR solution
  • Software update 15-2 required for MTG 3G solution
  • StarFire™ 3000 Receiver with SF1, SF2, or RTK
  • John Deere MCR or MTG 3G
  • JDLink subscription (Select, Ultimate, or Connect) — required for MTG 3G solution only

Two vehicles in sync at the same time; there is nothing preventing running more than two machines, but there is not engineering test data in all possible configurations to be able to support more than two machines at this time. Additional vehicles may be added depending on the number of GS applications in use on the 2630 Display.

Examples of applications that may influence performance:
  • Utilizing variety locator
  • Viewing as-applied maps

Utilizing implement guidance

  • Map-based prescriptions
  • Third-party ISO controllers

* Using more than two vehicles to share coverage maps and guidance lines may cause the operator to experience slow functionality of the GS 2630 Display depending on the amount of GS applications in use. Training requirements must be completed for Machine Sync prior to this product shipping to meet new model qualification requirements. Integrated Solution (IS) phase assessment of one applies to Machine Sync.

AutoTrac™ Controller

The AutoTrac Controller is an integrated AutoTrac solution for older John Deere and non-John Deere tractors. This controller teams up with GreenStar™ components to provide improved performance and operating experience compared to universal steering systems.
For selected models, AutoTrac Controller can utilize the tractor manufacturer’s automatic steering components. These vehicles will be referenced as guidance ready vehicles.
For non-guidance ready vehicles, the AutoTrac Controller kit contains all hydraulic components needed to work with the GreenStar system. The result: AutoTrac Controller maintains the efficiency and comfort offered by an uncluttered and orderly cab.

In addition to the market-proven benefits of AutoTrac, this system optimizes machine efficiency, reduces operator fatigue, and allows the operator to maintain faster working speeds.
Check out the AutoTrac accuracy equation to learn about the factors that impact AutoTrac performance.

CommandCenter™ AutoTrac™

CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation provides proven benefits of automatic guidance on the 4600 and 4100 CommandCenter, also known as the Generation 4 CommandCenter. This activation is machine specific, meaning it stays with the machine throughout the life of the machine. A StarFire™ Receiver, the CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation, and a Generation 4 CommandCenter are required to utilize CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation.
AutoTrac offers many benefits including: increasing productivity, maximizing inputs, and an improved operating experience.

Active Implement Guidance

Active Implement Guidance automatically steers the implement onto the desired guidance line. Active Implement Guidance utilizes the Application Controller 1100, a GreenStar™ display, and AutoTrac™ components with a variety of signal levels. These components team up with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision. With Active Implement Guidance, both the tractor and the implement follow the same guidance line in straight, circle, and curve track modes. Growers who are planting bedded crops, planting row crops, or strip-tilling, as well as those operating in standing row-crop application, can capitalize on the value of Active Implement Guidance. Producers experience many benefits with Active Implement Guidance:

  • Ability to maintain high crop quality with multiple passes through the field
  • Precise input placement, reducing operator fatigue
  • Industry-exclusive implement control at the operator’s fingertips

Tractor-Baler Automation

baler-automation-150x150Tractor-Baler Automation allows for easier operation and reduced operator fatigue after all-day operation. There are two levels of Tractor-Baler Automation. Learn more about the selective control valve (SCV) control option and the SCV and machine speed control option below.


John Deere Machine Communication Radio

The John Deere Machine Communication Radio is a wireless network radio that provides real-time, in-field information exchange between machines. The John Deere Machine Communication Radio is a robust wireless router designed to work in a variety of equipment platforms for machine-to-machine communication.
The John Deere Machine Communication Radio is designed to enable up to ten machines in a single network to distribute data amongst one another at a distance up to 4.8-km (3-mi) radius.
This new radio creates a network between machines in the field allowing them to share logistics information and facilitates on-the-go unloading while harvesting. Both combine and tractor also require the John Deere Machine Sync activation, and the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display communicating with a StarFire™ 3000 Receiver to capitalize on these benefits.

Training requirements must be completed for Machine Sync prior to this product shipping to meet new model qualification requirements. Integrated Solution (IS) phase assessment of one applies to Machine Sync.

John Deere Machine Communication Radio does not have any associated new model qualifications. John Deere Machine Communication Radio does not have a minimum IS phase assessment.