CUT Inspection


1023e Model Tractor

Replace engine oil and filter

Check MFWD hub oil level

Replace engine air filters

Drain water from fuel tank

Clean rubber dust unloading valve

Replace air filters

Replace cab filters (fresh air/recirculating)

Inspect alternator belt

Inspect radiator cooling fins

Check coolant level clarity and freeze point

Inspect and clean battery connections

Test safety systems and brake adjustment

Lubricate entire machine as per OM

Inspect all hoses and clamps

Check tire pressure and wheel bolt torque


(In shop pricing only - Free pickup and delivery within 25 miles)


We will inspect your tractor and advise you of any additional repairs that might be needed other than maintenance

120 Day No Payment No Interest, $250 minimum purchase

Some Restrictions Apply - Expires 6/30/18

**Program options are available for agricultural and commercial preferred Multi-Use Account holders only**